Homework Question

You need to use your knowledge and skills that you have learnt about statistics to create a survey, tally and graph.

Survey at least 15 people on the following question: What month of the year were you born in?

Record your results in a tally. Using the data you have collected, create a line graph to show your results.


Now answer the following questions about your data.
1. What month were most people born?
2. What month were the least amount of people born?
3. What inferences can you make about the results your data shows?

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    • Hi Donna,

      They should have a spare book at school they can use for homework. I know the first couple of tasks were on paper so they could be stuck in their portfolios but if Caity asks her teachers on Monday they should be able to get her spare book sent home for her homework.

      Hope that helps,


  1. Hey Mr J, I have 2 questions, one of them are for the homework question and the second one is for the girls lightening premiership.

    1st question: With the example graph do we have to use that sort of graph for homework?

    2nd question: When is the girls lightening-premiership? I’m not sure if its 30th of august 2017. Jaime.L

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