Tee Pees Reign Supreme!

To celebrate our Beacy Sports Day yesterday, we held our Teachers/Parents (Tee Pee’s) Vs Grade 6 Students football match. It was an extremely tight match with the game going into overtime but to the disappoint of the students, Mr Buckingham kicked the match winning goal for the Tee Pee’s. Thanks very much to everyone for organising and playing in the match, was a terrific way to end the term.

Footy Match from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

Last Day Reminders

Early Finish
– Reminder that tomorrow is the last day of term so school will finish at 2:30pm.

Sports Day Friday 22nd September
– Remember to dress up in your favourite sports appropriate clothes as a fun day to celebrate all things active!! No money required!
– Netball, soccer, basketball (shoulders covered), footy teams or colours would be appropriate!

Parents playing in footy match tomorrow
– The game will start at 1pm. Please meet in 6J’s classroom at 12:45pm.
– Wear what you are comfortable playing football in.

Camp forms
– These were due on Wednesday so if you haven’t handed them in yet please make sure they are in tomorrow.

Earn and Learn stickers
– This program is now closed, so any stickers need to be returned to school asap!

Lions Club Public Speaking Competition

Eight students tonight presented their speeches at the Narre Warren Lions Club. All the students spent a lot of time and effort to perfect their speeches.
Beaconsfield was successful in winning the school competition trophy, whilst Ben and Maddy advanced to the next stage tomorrow night.
Well done to everyone who participated and good luck to Maddy and Ben tomorrow night!

Grade 4- Ben, Mitchell and Dakota
Grade 5- Olivia, Ella and Maddy
Grade 6- Brody and Josh





Grade 6 Bike Ride

Just a reminder for those grade 6 students who will be attending the Chips bike ride tomorrow. You will need to bring your helmet and a small backpack with your snack, lunch and drink bottle in it. School uniform is still required to be worn.

Homework Task

As this will be our final homework task for the term we would like you to write a one page reflection of the Youth Out Loud program. Some things you could talk about are are:

– your group name and your role in the group
– what your project your group was working on
– details about your fundraiser
– activities we did with Sue and Steve
– guest speakers who have come in
– the line dancing
– special days (grandparents day, do it in a dress day)
– what you think you’ve learnt from participating in the program
– your favourite part of the program
– ways the program could be improved in the future

Team BOB Youth Out Loud – Positive Packs

Here at Team BOB (Back off Bullies) we are aiming to make a difference in bullying and family violence victims with our Positive Packs. The Positive Packs are BOB’s way of helping those in need of some support. Bullying can have a huge impact on our lives and Team BOB have provided some useful tips and resources for those who are experiencing bullying.
The Positive Packs contain:
– Quotes
– Services
– Stress Balls
– Tips to deal with bullying
– Colouring in activities
– Our picture story book

If you or your child would like a Positive Pack you can visit our website at www.bobbackoffbullies.weebly.com or visit Mr O’Shea’s classroom.
Hopefully we can help.

Team BOB

Grade 5/6 Camp

Today your child will have received a number of important forms that need to be returned, if your child has paid their deposit for camp.

Please read the following important information:
• Student Code of Conduct Form – both parent and child need to sign this form, agreeing to abide by the school agreements and camp rules.
• Medical Form – all sections need to be completed, especially the date of your child’s last tetanus shot and your agreement for your child to receive Panadol or Clarantyne if needed.
• Clothing List and Important Information – please not the departure time for camp being 8.00am, so students will need to be at school at 7.30am, and the arrival home time of approx. 5.00pm.

All forms and the remaining amount for payment, need to be returned and paid by Wednesday 20th September 2017. If these forms are not returned and payment received by this date, your child will not be allowed to attend camp.

Thank you