HPV Update

The Human Powered Vehicle teams are into Day 3 of the RACV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough. They are having a fantastic time here with over 100 other schools.

The two teams, Ironman and Storm, had to present about the safety, design and construction of their vehicles and passed with flying colours. Then they completed an obstacle race and time trial. Ironman came first and Storm came 2nd.

Today they are getting ready for their 8 hour endurance race. Good luck team!

Graduation Bear Final Reminder

Grade 6 students who have not ordered a graduation bear for signing, need to bring their form and payment by tomorrow, Friday 24th November.
No late payments will be accepted and your child will not have a bear to sign and be displayed at graduation.

Grade 5/6 Notes

There has been quite a few notices given out of late and need to be returned by their due date. Late payments will not be accepted, as numbers need to be confirmed.

Grade 6 Graduation Bears – Due Friday 24th November
Grade 6 Graduation Disco – Due date has already passed, but payments will be taken by Miss Backman up until Friday 24th November
Grade 5 Booklist for Grade 6, 2018 – Due Friday 24th November. Late orders to be taken directly to Berwick Newsagency
Grade 5/6 Big Bash Cricket – Due Monday 27th November
Yearbook for 2017 – Due Tuesday 28th November
Grade 6 Graduation Excursion to Funfields – Due Friday 8th December
Grade 5 Purchasing Uniform for Grade 6 in 2018 – Visit Noone Imagewear to place order by Saturday 9th December

Science Blog Question

This week’s tasks are:

Organise and analyse your data

Create a chart or graph of your data.

Analyse your data to see if your hypothesis was true or false.

Summarise your findings.

Presentation in class

Collect all your information ready to present in class. You can present on a poster, in a science log book or powerpoint (we will be doing the good copy of this in class).

Grade 6 Graduation Photo

Just to let you know, the group photo of all grade 6 students which will be on the graduation certificates, will be taken on Tuesday next week, the 21st November.

All grade 6 students will need to wear their grade 6 uniform.