Science Blog Question

This week’s tasks are:

Organise and analyse your data

Create a chart or graph of your data.

Analyse your data to see if your hypothesis was true or false.

Summarise your findings.

Presentation in class

Collect all your information ready to present in class. You can present on a poster, in a science log book or powerpoint (we will be doing the good copy of this in class).

18 thoughts on “Science Blog Question

  1. Hey Jaime, you need to show the results of your experiment in a graph of some sort. Think back to the different graphs we did during statistics and pick one that suits your experiment.

  2. Hi mr j
    I’m still confused for what u have to do for the graph I read what u said to jamie and I still don’t get it

    • Hi Jess, you need to create a graph to show your results. For example, it could be a column graph comparing the results that you saw when you did your experiment. Its just a clearer way of showing your results rather than just writing them. If you’re still not sure come and see me tomorrow morning and we can go through it together.

  3. hi Mr j with the analasis do you just have to write if your hypothesis was right but if it wasn’t do you write what did happen?

    • Yeah, that’s right Amanda. It doesn’t matter if your hypothesis didn’t turn it to be correct. If it doesn’t end up happening I would just write down why you think the results were different to your hypothesis. Does that help?

    • Hi Jorja, you were just meant to record the results of your experiment. So could be how long something took, how large something grew etc.

      You’re then meant to put that information into a chart or graph.

  4. Hi Mr j,
    I’ve been through the comments but i’m still unsure about the graph.
    My question is ‘which bread will mold the fastest’ and i’m not sure how I can display my data in a graph. My bread still hasn’t molded so i don’t really have any data if that matters.

    And also last week i didn’t do a method because i don’t really have one, my experiment is just putting to bits of bread on a plate, do i need to do one or is that alright?

  5. Hey Hannah,

    It’s probably okay for yours to not do a graph but just make sure in your analysis you explain what happened and how it hasn’t shown any results as yet.

    In terms of your method, I’d still include what you did even if it’s just one step. The idea of the method is for other people to be able to conduct the same experiment so even though yours is really basic I’d still write it up.

    Does that help?

  6. Sorry to bother you but since i havent used my forget can i use it and do my question on the weekend
    And not do my reading or mathletics

    • Stupid! I don’t know… Write back:
      John, you can only use your forget if you have done the work and have forgotten to bring it in on Friday. Judging by your comment, you have not actually completed the task so you can’t actually forget to bring it and you would be going to homework club.

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