Grade 6 and 5B&H Party and Kris Kringle Tomorrow

Just a reminder that students in grade 6 and grade 5B & H students will be having their Christmas party tomorrow. Students need to bring their chosen plate of food/drink to share. If bringing hot food, please drop this off at 11.40am to your child’s classroom.

Students who wish to take part in Kris Kringle, need to bring in a gift to the value of $5. Girls need to buy a present for a girl and boys buy a present for a boy. If your child does not bring a gift tomorrow, they will not receive one.

14 thoughts on “Grade 6 and 5B&H Party and Kris Kringle Tomorrow

  1. Hi mrj

    Do we go to school wearing Christmas clothes or do we go to school in school clothes then get change into ur Christmas clothes

    • Hey Jenna,

      It probably won’t matter if you wear Xmas clothes to school really. Miss Backman just told our guys to wear school uniform first. It’s up to you

  2. Hi MrJ, sorry to bother you but I’m just checking, even though we can wear Christmas clothes to school, are we allowed to wear shorts or do we have to school uniform pants?

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Just a quick question about tomorrow for funfields

    Bc we need to wear are bathers under are normal clothes can we wear water shorts on the bus on the way their or do we wear normal shorts then put are water shorts on

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