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Think of a team that you support (or know of); this could be a football team, netball team, basketball team, dance team or a team representing Australia. Write a paragraph about some of the successes that they have had in previous years. In the next paragraph write what skills and knowledge related to teamwork you think has helped them with their success.

17 thoughts on “Homework Question

  1. Hey Mr Jeh,🙂
    I just logged on to my mathletics, but about a minute into it it was saying that I had to log in again, so I typed my password in, and it keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Please help me!
    Jennafish 😩

    • Hey Jennafish!

      Unfortunately I can’t really do a whole heap now for you. Maybe try it on another device? Or maybe mathletics is playing up so try again later? If it still doesn’t work come see me tomorrow and I’ll have a try for you.

      Good luck!

  2. to mister J
    i don’t really know any
    teams because i don’t really pay
    attention to any,so what do i do?
    Kane n (grade 5hb)

  3. to mister j
    can it be on a power point or does it have to be written
    down because mister b said i could do it about gladiators
    Kane n

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