Beacy Survivor

On Tuesday, our 5/6 students experienced Beacy Survivor! In their randomly assigned teams, groups had to race around the school and complete a series of challenges – these included skills such as building, dance, puzzle making, technology, physical and word creation. Each student within each team had to complete one challenge for their group to help them move onto the Ultimate Survivor Showdown; this required all 6 members working together to complete the Beacy Survivor course.

We are very proud of the teamwork and co-operation showed by our students when placed outside of their comfort zone and hopefully they all had a great day. A massive thanks to the parent helpers who came along to assist with the running of the day, it wouldn’t have worked so smoothly without you there. Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of how the day went!

Survivor Incursion from Beaconsfield PS on Vimeo.

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