Officer Secondary College – Grade 6 Information Night important information for families

Please read the following information from Officer Secondary College if you are attending the Information Night.

• Entry is strictly via the main office on Parker St.
• Bridge Rd is a no-standing zone, but there is ample parking along Parker St and a temporary car park on bridge Rd directly opposite Parker St available for families.

Signing In:
• Parents must sign in at the front office as they enter.
• You’ll receive a College Prospectus at this time.

• The tours will begin at 5:30pm and will run every 5-10 minutes until 6:15pm. This will allow the final tour to make it back in time for the Information Presentation at 6:45pm.
• All children are to accompany their family on the tours and it will not be until just prior to the information session that we will ask Parents to sign in your children for us to care for them during the session. Please note; our preference is that only the prospective child attending OSC attends the night but we understand that there are differing circumstances for families.
HAP information:
• The HAP information will begin after the main information session ends at approximately 7:30pm. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions.

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