Football Champions!

On Friday we had our grade 6 girls football team head to Beaconhills College to play in a District Round Robin. After winning all 4 games, the girls then progressed to the Division Final against Cairo and came out on top after a hard fought game. The girls displayed terrific effort and endeavour all day and showed tremendous improvement from the start of the day. Thanks to all the parents who came along to support.

Free Dress Day Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the SRC has organised a free dress day tomorrow to raise money for Amaze (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Please wear free dress (covered toes on shoes and no singlets) and bring along a gold coin donation for this great cause.

Grade 5/6 Lightning Prem

Today our Grade 5/6 students fought the elements in todays Lightning Prem Sports Day. Students competed in wet and cold conditions in Football, T-Ball, Soccer and Netball (not so wet).
The day was filled with many highlights and memories and was played and coached in good spirit by all involved.
Well done to the Boys Football, Girls and Boys T-Ball and the Girls Netball for winning in their district and advancing to the next round. Bad luck to the Mixed Netball team who missed out on advancing to the next round by just one goal! Also well done to the Girls and Boys Soccer team on their efforts and achievements.

A special thanks to all the parents and aides that attended and helped coaching on the day, and also to the teachers for running tryouts and training sessions for the kids to ensure that we had the strongest teams possible, which has definitely been evident in the great success we had.


Your homework task this week is to write a 3-4 minute speech. The speech will be on the topic-

‘You are a Travel Guide. Your job is to explore your local area – as if you’ve never seen it before! Document what you find. Tell us all about your discoveries and why we should visit.’
(Hint: think about all the exciting things to do in the area you live in)
Your speech must include the following:

Beginning- begins in an interesting way
Central Theme evident and logical sequence developed

Research – supports opinions with facts and/or examples
Language – Appropriate use of language – clear, correct sentences, words well chosen, informative
Ending- strong, summary of main points, as close to time as possible.

This speech will be used for the Public Speaking Competition for those that want to participate. Not all students have to present their speeches, however all students MUST write a speech.




Homework Question

If you were the Prime Minister of a new country, what are the top 10 laws you would create? These need to be sensible and should ensure that your society runs smoothly. Record these in your homework book.

Kickstarting their Future!

Grade 6’s had their Kickstart Program at Berwick Secondary College yesterday where they got the chance to participate in a high school class and learn a few things about what high school might be like. Here’s a few pics from yesterday: