Homework Question

What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy? Give examples of each type of energy and explain which type you believe is more important for the environment. You should set out your homework as shown-

• Definitions of renewable and non-renewable energy.
• What is the difference between the two?

Paragraph 2
• Examples of renewable energy sources

Paragraph 3
• Examples of non-renewable energy sources

• Summing up
• Your opinion on which type is more important

You may need to conduct some research on the different types of energy. Ask your classroom teacher if you need assistance with this.

8 thoughts on “Homework Question

  1. Hi Kalani,

    I’d recommended speaking to your teachers about it tomorrow. They’ll be able to explain it better to you in person then I can on the blog.

    Mr J 🙂

    • Hi Dom,

      There’s not a set amount but I’d say approximately one page in total. Each of the paragraphs should be a few sentences each.

      Hope that helps.

      Mr J 🙂

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