Beacy Boys Do It Again!

Tonight Jacob and Mitch travelled to Endeavour Hills to compete in the District Public Speaking Competiton. Both age groups consisted of 4 speakers from different schools in the local area.

Jacob spoke second in his age group and blew the audience away with the quality of his speech. At first he seemed nervous but there was no need to be as he delivered an incredible speech about his favourite place ‘The Library’.

Mitch also spoke second in his competition and followed in Jacobs footsteps by equalling his efforts to deliver a typical Mitch speech. He talked about all the wonderful landmarks and tourist attractions around Beaconsfield.

We all waited nervously for the judges to come to a decision,  when it was finally announced that Beaconsfield had won both competitions. Jacob surprised only himself as we all expected him to be named the winner. Mitch accepted his award with a great big grin on his face as he regained his title from two years ago!

Both boys have advanced to the next round (pretty much a grand final) on Saturday the 7th of October at Trafalgar where they will go for the glory.

We are very proud of both these boys as the competition was of an exceptional standard. Congratulations Jacob and Mitch!

Mr O’Shea


The Beacy Bats do it Again!

Congratulations to the Beacy Bats on coming first at the Future Champions Cup. They put in such hard work and amazing effort into their rehearsals which definitely paid off for their final performance. Well done girls!

Also a big thanks to Emma Jennion for coaching the girls and ensuring they are always prepared for their big competition.

Junior Public Speaking Competition

Tonight was a very proud night to be a teacher or parent of some of our students at Beacy Primary. Four students from grade 3/4 and four students from grade 5/6 competed at the Annual Lions Club Junior Public Speaking Competition. All students spoke very well and put a lot of effort into their speeches. Beaconsfield Primary won the competition with each student receiving a medal.

The grade 3/4 competition was a great experience for some of our new public speakers, where Jacob was selected as the winner. The grade 5/6 competition saw four of our experienced speakers battle it off in what really was nothing short of an amazing contest. Each of the students could have easily been crowned the winner, however Public Speakin guru Mitch was chosen as the winner. These two boys will advance to the Zone final next Wednesday the 19th of September.

Well done to

Alex, Jacob, Harry and Tahlia (3/4)

Maddy, Mitch, Olivia and Ben (5/6)

Homework Next Week

For next week’s homework there will be no blog question to complete, however you are still required to earn a mathletics certificate and complete your normal allotment of reading time (100 mins grade 5, 150 mins grade 6). Have a nice weekend!

Athletics Champions!

On Friday, 70 grade 3-6 students headed out to Casey Fields to compete the in District Athletics carnival. All students who attended put in a terrific effort representing the school and at the end of the day we finished up being the top school in the District! Congratulations to everyone who competed and good luck to all the students moving onto Division in a couple of weeks time.