Final Camp Reminders

Hi guys,

Just a few reminders for camp next week:

– Arrive at school by 7:30am and take your luggage to the shed.
– If you have medication you need to be at school at 7:15am and meet in 6B’s (Grade 6 Camp) or 5HB’s (Grade 5 Camp) classroom.
– Bring your asthma form in if applicable (Grade 5’s you will receive this on Tuesday afternoon).
– Bring your snack and lunch for the first day in a small backpack. You also will need a refillable drink bottle and your pencil case.
– You are able to bring one normal sized bag of lollies. Please make sure you are sensible with them or they will be confiscated.
– Devices such as phones, iPods and iPads are not allowed to be brought to camp this year. You may bring a digital or disposable camera if you wish.
– Everyone must bring a hat (caps are fine).
– Bring sunscreen and insect repellent.
– Everyone will need a pillow and a sleeping bag (these are not supplied by the camp).
– Bring your bathers in case we end up going for a swim.
– Bring a torch along.
– All tops must have sleeves (no singlets)

I think they’re all the major things. Have a restful weekend and we look forward to a great time with you next week!

Grade 5/6 Camp Medication

As camp is approaching, it’s time to think about if your child requires medication to bring on camp.

If you listed on your child’s medical form that your child takes medication, you will need to bring this on the morning of camp to the medication teacher (Grade 6 – Miss Backman in 6B’s classroom and Grade 5 – Mrs Humphries in 5HB’s classroom). Parents will need to accompany their child and sign the medication over to the teacher. All medication should be in its original packaging.

If your child requires medication that was not listed on the medical form (i.e. hay fever tablets, bus sick tablets), you will need to bring this medication in its original packaging to the medication teacher as well. Parents will be required to fill out a Medical Authority Form when handing over the medication. Please be prompt at 7.15am, so that you do not hold up the departure time.

Any student who has asthma, will need to complete a School Camp Asthma Update Form which will be given to students the day before camp. Students and parents are required to check in their child’s asthma puffer on the morning of leaving camp as well, so the medication teacher knows the child has it. We will then give it back to the child to look after if they wish.

Thank you.

All Stars do it against all odds

Today the Grade 5/6 Hoop Time All Stars competed in the Regional Finals at Dandenong Basketball Stadium. The day did not start well by losing our tallest player due to illness. This left us with 6 players, which the boys knew would be tough.

The boys battled hard through the round robin stage to finish with 3 wins and 1 nail biting draw. This left us in 2nd place in our pool meaning we would have to play the top team in another pool.

Fortunately for the boys they played an outstanding game to win by 5 points and advance through to the State Finals.

It was a fantastic day and I am so proud of the boys. To win with just 6 players is a real achievement and something they will remember for a long time. Luke and Heath were clutch with their pressure shooting. Will played like a 6ft giant and rebounded and defended like a beast. Bailey got into great positions all day and was always making space. Archer and Jayden protected the ball well and finished a lot of their shots. And Riley was so supportive and encouraging and able to help a nervous coach from the bench as he was sidelined with a broken finger.

Thanks to those parents who drove the boys and assisted on the day. Hoop Time officials even complimented Beaconsfield on how well we dealt with situations when things became a bit controversial.


Homework Question

Beaconsfield Primary School is a great community that all students are a part of. Create a flyer, advertising Beaconsfield Primary School including:

• Facts about the school (Number of students, teachers, how old it is, facilities)
• Programs that are offered
• Why Beacy is a great community

Remember to create a flyer that is clear, concise and attractive.

Beacy clean up!

Today the grade 5/6 students competed in basketball, tennis, volleyball and softball at the Lightning Prem competition. The sun was shining and so were our athletes, with the kids achieving some outstanding results. The school received the district first place pennants in the girls and boys basketball, first place in the girls and boys volleyball, first place in the girls and boys softball and second place in the boys tennis. The boys and girls volleyball were also successful in their division final that was played on the day due to the amount of schools participating in their competition, as decided by the regional coordinator.

It was a very satisfying day for the students, whom some were even quoted as saying it was their favourite day of the year. Thank you very much to the four parents who volunteered to help out coaching the kids. And also a huge thanks to the teachers who have given up their time for tryouts, trainings and to do some study on the sports as it is very foreign to some of us. But no doubt the results from today have shown how much effort the students and teachers both put into be so successful on the day.

Good luck to all the teams that will be participating in the Divison finals in the upcoming week. Standby for dates and notices.


Hoop Time Heroes

Congratulations to our 5/6 Future Stars Hoop Time team who today progressed through to the State Championships in November. All 9 students played with terrific team work and determination for the entire day and should be extremely proud of how they represented our school. Thanks very much to all the parents who helped score and came along to support.