Homework Question

Beaconsfield Primary School is a great community that all students are a part of. Create a flyer, advertising Beaconsfield Primary School including:

• Facts about the school (Number of students, teachers, how old it is, facilities)
• Programs that are offered
• Why Beacy is a great community

Remember to create a flyer that is clear, concise and attractive.

9 thoughts on “Homework Question

    • Hey Kayla,

      Have a look at the school’s website for any of the information you may need to help you create your flyer.

      Mr J

  1. Hey Mr J,
    I’ve looked on the beaconsfield website to find out when the school was established but it didn’t say. What do i do?

  2. Hey Mr J,
    It’s Kathryn Patterson

    I was just wondering what the population of the school was? I can’t find it on the web.

  3. Hi girls,

    I think we have about 710 students but don’t know the exact amount. Maybe just say ‘over 700 students’ or something.

    Hope that helps!

    Mr J 🙂

    • Hi Kalani,

      There are 30 classroom teachers, plus all the specialists, principals and integration aides.

      Hope that helps.

      Mr J 🙂

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