Grade 6 Graduation Disco

Any parents of grade 6 students are invited to attend a meeting to help organise the graduation disco after the graduation ceremony. For the past few years, parents of grade 6 students have organised a disco to carry on the celebrations after the official school ceremony. This event is NOT organised by the school and is run solely on parent organisation. If you can help, can you please attend the meeting this Thursday the 18th at 3.30pm in 6B and 6J’s classroom. Robyn Meinecke will be running the meeting with the assistance of Miss Backman.

Homework Question

Think about what the word ‘community’ means. You may like to research this or ask some people in your family. Answer the following questions in detail in your homework book.

• What is a community?
• Who can be part of a community?
• What communities can people be a part of?
• Why are communities important?

Grade 6 Graduation Photo

Just a reminder that we will be taking the graduation photo tomorrow for all grade 6 students at approx. 9.30am. Students are required to wear their grade 6 uniform and to look their best.

Walk to school is back!

Welcome back to Term 4! Walk to School will be recommencing this Friday, the 12th of October. It will be perfect weather to get your body moving and coming to school actively. Please meet at the corner of O’Neil rd at 8:20am. See you all then!