Final Week Dates and Information

Hi everyone,

As we gear up for the final week of 2018, here is a reminder of what is coming up in the 5/6 area:

Monday 17th December – Grade 6 Pancake Breakfast. Glenn’s helpers arrive at 7:30am, all other grade 6 students arrive at 8:00am for breakfast.

Monday 17th December – Grade 6 Class Party 11:20am in 6B and 6J’s classroom.

Monday 17th December – Sing and Celebrate Concert.
6.30pm in the shed. Students should arrive around 6.15pm.

Tuesday 18th December – Grade 5/6 Christmas Stall.

Wednesday 19th December – Grade 6 Graduation Bear Signing 9:15am-10:40am

Wednesday 19th December – Graduation Cake at 12.30pm in the gallery. All parents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday 19th December – Grade 5HB Class Party at 12:30pm

Wednesday 19th December – Grade 5OC Class Party at 12:30pm

Wednesday 19th December – Graduation Ceremony at Upper Beaconsfield Primary School. 6:00pm for Scrapbook viewing, the ceremony begins at 6:30pm. Graduation Disco (organised by parents) following after the conclusion of the ceremony at Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre.

Thursday 20th December – Grade 6 Graduation Excursion to Funfields.
Please arrive at 8:45am. Will return at approximately 5:30pm.

Friday 21st December – Last day of school, 1:30pm finish.
The grade 6 water fight will take place on the new playground at the conclusion of the last assembly in the shed. Only water pistols, bombs and buckets filled with water are to be used. Only grade 6 students are involved.

Looking forward to an awesome final week of 2018 with you all!

Grade 6 Funfields Excursion – Please Read

Next Thursday is the Grade 6 Graduation Excursion to Funfields. Please see the below important information.

• Students need to arrive at school by 8.45am and go to their classroom to mark the roll. We will be leaving at 9.00am and will not be waiting for any late students.
• Students must wear their bathers under their clothing. They are able to wear casual clothing (school uniform is not required) but clothing must be sunsmart (shoulders must be covered, strictly no singlets) and they must wear closed-toe shoes (runners). Thongs may be brought in their back pack to wear at Funfields between water rides, but runners will be required for other rides and going and returning from school.
• All students must wear a rashie or t-shirt when on the water rides. We are a sunsmart school, so both girls and boys must have a rashie or t-shirt on. Any student with no rashie or t-shirt to wear on water rides, will spend the day in the shelter area.
• Students must bring sunscreen and a hat/cap.
• Students should bring a small back pack with their snack, lunch and drink bottle in it. They will need to bring a towel and a spare t-shirt as they must be dry to ride on other non-water activities.
• No money is to be brought as no student will be permitted to buy anything at Funfields.
• No devices are to brought on the excursion as their will be nowhere safe to leave them.
• We will return to school at approx. 5.30pm. Please read the blog for updates of approx. time of arrival back to school on the day.
• Students have watched the safety video and been spoken to about rules and expectations. If any students behaviour is unacceptable, parents will be called to come and collect their child.

If you have any questions, please see Miss Backman.

Grade 6 Graduation

We are very much looking forward to the Grade 6 Graduation next Wednesday the 19th December.
In regards to the number of guests each student can bring, we have advised families that it is immediate family only i.e. parents and siblings. We understand that families may want to bring grandparents, aunts/uncles etc. but we do not have the space to accommodate this.

2019 Grade 6 Uniforms

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder for all of next year’s grade 6 students to order your grade 6 uniform for 2019. There are still a number of students who haven’t ordered and they are due this Friday. Late orders will result in delays.

Grade 6 to Year 7 Orientation Day

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11th December, will be orientation day for all students going to a public high school next year. Please read the following Important information from Berwick College and Officer Secondary College.
We wish all students a great day and look forward to hearing all about it on Wednesday.

Berwick College
• Students are to arrive at Berwick College at 8.45am and meet outside the Leisure Centre. If might be a good idea to organise to meet some friends in a specific location as parents are encouraged to drop students off and not hang around after the bell.
• Students are to wear their Grade 6 Primary School uniform and bring a pencil case and paper for the day, as well as their snack, lunch and drink bottle.
• The day will finish at 3.15pm but staff will start bringing students down to the bus stop area at around 3.00pm to ease congestion.

Officer Secondary College
• Please enter through the Community Hub entrance on Parker St from 8:30am for an 8:45am assembly in the Gym. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the assembly, but will need to exit the Hub afterwards.
• Students should be wearing their Primary School uniform, with a pair of runners for some physical activities during the day.
• Students need to bring snack, lunch, drink. (pre-paid lunch orders will be delivered to students who ordered one)
• There will be a final assembly at 2:50pm which Parents are welcome to attend and students will be dismissed according to their preference form as filled in by Parents at 3:10pm.

For those students who do not have their orientation day tomorrow, if you come to school, you will work in a Grade 5 classroom for the day, as the Grade 6 teachers will be organising transition and visiting high schools.