Grade 6 Uniform

Today, your child should have received their grade 6 uniform. Please ensure you have the correct items and sizes that you ordered. If there is something wrong, please contact Noone Imagewear directly, not the school office. It is imperative that all items are named clearly as no more orders can be reprinted if replacing lost items.

House Athletics

As per the FlexiBuzz announcement on Tuesday, the House Athletics will be held on Wednesday the 20th March. All students in grade 3 to 6 are expected to attend. As we are now going paperless with our excursion notices, parents will need to go onto QKR to pay and give consent for your child to attend. Please also indicate if you can be a parent helper on the day. Any questions, please see the office.


Investigations Question

What do you know about Australian history? Represent this in any way you choose, for example: a list, paragraph, mind-map, story, dot-points etc.

Problem Solving

Level 1

The “FLINSTONES BEDROCK CITY” theme park in Arizona, USA will close this year. It opened in 1972. For how many years, including this year, was it operating?

Level 2

This week the new TV program “DANCING WITH THE STARS” begins. It’s scheduled to run for an hour, but 30 per cent of that time is taken up with commercials. How much “program time” does that leave?

Bonus Question

The price of a bunch of roses on the day before Valentine’s Day was $18.80. On Valentine’s Day, the price for a similar bunch suddenly rose to $49.60. The very next day, the price returned to $18.80. How much did the price increase on Valentine’s Day? Explain why, in 2 sentences. Are there other products with prices manipulated in the same way at other times of year? If so, what may they be?

House Captains 2019

Congratulations to our House + House Vice Captains for 2019!



House Captains: Brenden S and Molly P

Vice Captains: Conor R and Piper M



House Captains: Lucas V and Lucy T

Vice Captains: Archie D and Annemieke C



House Captains: Bodie D and Bonnie W

Vice Captains: Kane H and Ruby W



House Captains: Jack K and Sayla B

Vice Captains: Tristan H and Shayla S




“Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you’re doing. Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you’re mindful, you’re taking your time. You’re focusing in a relaxed, easy way.”

Task: Create a brainstorm/mindmap of all the things you like to do that help you be mindful. For example: listening to music, going for a walk or reading a good book.

You may like to colour code the activities you do and draw pictures or logos to represent each one.

Problem Solving

Level 1 – At the beach, with the tide coming in, there is one wave every 10 seconds, on average. How many waves would that be in a quarter of an hour?


Level 2 – For Valentine’s Day, Mr Buckingham bought his wife 8 colourful balloons (costing 65 cents each, 4 candles (costing $1.25 each) and a huge chocolate cake with decorated icing (costing $28.95). How much change did he get from a $50 note?


Bonus –  Imagine that a tourist asks you to direct them to the nearest football ground, from where you are right now. What instructions would you give? Write them down.