Parent Helpers for Sovereign Hill

Expressions of interest for parent helpers on our Sovereign Hill excursion close tomorrow, Friday the 29th March. Please lodge your interest through QKR by 9.00am. You must have a current, registered Working with Children’s Check to be considered.
Please note payment and consent for students attendance is not due until Monday 29th April.

Grade 5/6 Behavioural Expectations

With our upcoming excursion to Sovereign Hill next term, we will be introducing the 3 strike policy with all students in grade 5 and grade 6. Starting from Monday the 25th March, any student who is demonstrating inappropriate behaviour that is not acceptable under our school agreements, will be given a strike. If students receive 3 strikes before our excursion, students will not be allowed to attend. These excursions must be earnt and we need to make sure that students will be demonstrating excellent behaviour when out of school grounds. Parents will be notified each time their child receives a strike. This has been explained to all students this afternoon. We appreciate your support.


Investigations Task
Create a picture/display of what the streets in your town would look like during the great depression.

Make sure you put a lot of colour and effort into the details of your picture or display that you make.

Problem Solving
Level 1
Penny’s mum has 75 sheets of private papers that she wants to destroy, using a paper shredder that shreds 5 pages at a time. What is the LEAST number of bundles of 5 sheets of paper she will shred to destroy 75 sheets?

Level 2
There are 2 ways to buy tickets to rides at a circus. Each ride costs $7, but a 4-ride pack of tickets costs $24. If Charlie buys 8 rides, how much does he save by buying tickets in 4-ride packs?

Bonus Question
In a soccer game, 9 goals were scored altogether by 3 players. William scored more goals than Mitch, but fewer goals than Charlie. How many goals may each of them have scored? Give 2 possible answers.

Grade 5/6 Excursion to Sovereign Hill

As part of our Investigation work, Grade 5 and 6 students will have the opportunity to visit Sovereign Hill next term.
The permission form has now been uploaded to QKR, with money and consent due by Monday 29th April 2019. If families are having any issues paying the amount, please see the office before the due date to work out a payment plan. Also on QKR, you will find a form for expression of interest for parent helpers, which is due by Friday 29th March 2019.
Your child today will bring home an order form for McDonalds’, which will be our dinner on the way home from Sovereign Hill. This form is to be returned to your child’s classroom teacher by Monday 29th April 2019.
If your child has any dietary requirements, please speak to Miss Backman.

Halogen Leadership Conference

Today our school leaders attended the National Halogen Leadership Conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre, along with approx. 3000 students across the state. Our leaders had the chance to hear from some inspiring people in the community and hear about their journey that got them to where they are today. Students were inspired by Cal Wilson and took on her encouragement to always say yes to life’s great opportunities. They also heard from Liesl Jones and her journey to Olympic success, as well as Tim Diamond, through who his work as leader of Cotton On, has helped raised over $90 million to help children in Uganda. Our captains have taken on board this encouragement to aspire to be great leaders amongst our school community.


Investigations Task
Live the life of a miner during the Gold Rush. Make a Miners Licence that miners would have to carry to allow they to mine for gold. Include important information such as: name, birthdate, country of origin, description of what the minors licence is for, cost of a licence, photo ID.

Make sure your licence is neat, well presented, creative and decorated.

Problem Solving
Level 1
In some states in Australia, this past weekend was a long 3-day weekend. How many hours are there altogether in a full 3-day weekend?

Level 2
The Salvation Army is trying to help struggling farming families by collecting money from sympathetic Australians. They suggest donations of $95 would help isolated farming families at risk. How many of these donations would be needed to exceed a total of $2,000?

Bonus Question
The SUM of three DIFFERENT numbers is 46. What may those numbers be? Give 3 possible answers.

Important Reminders


Please be aware of the following important dates and reminders to ensure your child doesn’t miss out. As we are now going paperless, please ensure you have signed up to FlexiBuzz for all important notes and reminders.
– House athletics – money and consent form are now overdue but it is an expectation that all students in 5/6 attend. We will accept late payments through the office.
– Lightning Premiership for selected students – money and consent form due through QKR by Friday 22nd March.
– Cross Country – money and consent form due through QKR by Friday 29th March.
– Treat Day – money and order form due through QKR by Tuesday 19th March.
– Parent Teacher Interviews – please book a time to see your child’s teacher. This is an opportunity for you to see how your child is progressing at school and to discuss any concerns. Please click on the following link to book: