Friday Morning Sport Money Overdue!

If your child received a notice today, it means that we have not received the $6 payment and consent for them to attend Friday Morning Sport. Unfortunately this is quite a large list, so can you please check with your child to see if they received a note from Mr O’Shea today!

If yes, can you please sign and bring this form in tomorrow with the $6 cash, as QKR is closed for this event. Tomorrow is the absolute last day we can accept payment.

Any queries can be made through the office during school hours, however a signed form is a must, otherwise they may miss out on Friday Morning Sport.

Term 2 Dates – SSV Officer and Pakenham District 2019

SSV Officer and Pakenham District 2019
**All to be confirmed but correct at time of publishing**
Calendar Dates for TERM TWO:

Friday 3rd May                   Away – Pakenham Springs                 9:30am

Friday 17thMay                  Away – John Henry                             9:30am

Friday 31stMay                  Home – Pakenham Consolidated       9:30am

Friday 7thJune                   Home – Beaconhills College               9:30am

Friday 10thMay              Toomuc Rec Reserve

Pakenham District          9:30am
Officer District                11:30am

Monday 13thMay  
Netball – Cardinia Life                                                    9:30am

AFL – Highett Reserve Highett                                     9:30am

Soccer Boys -KM Reedy Reserve, Hampton Park      10:00am

Monday 3rdJune                Toomuc Reserve                9:30am

Friday 14thJune
AFL Footy & Softball             Toomuc Reserve                9:30am

Netball                                    Cardinia Life                      9:30am

Soccer                                      IYU Reserve                     9:30am

Friday 21stJune                Beaconhills College            TBA

Thursday 20thJune           Hastings                            10:00am

Due tomorrow

A final reminder that both the Sovereign Hill Excursion and Friday Morning Sport money and consent are due tomorrow, Monday the 29th April by 9.00am. Please pay via QKR or send the form and money to the office by 9.00am. No late payments will be accepted.

Thank you.


Gratitude Task

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”  – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Task: Write a list of 5 things you have done for other people in this last week.

Choose one of those moments and write a detailed paragraph about what you did and how it made you feel.


Problem Solving 

  1. Golf champion Tiger Woods won the Masters golf tournament last weekend. The sale of his sponsored brand of golf balls has increased by 50% since his recent success. One store WAS selling 250 of those golf balls per day before his success. How many per day do they now sell, probably due to Tiger’s success?
  2. The Good Friday Children’s Hospital Appeal raised $18.1 million in 2018, and in 2019 raised $75,467 more. How much did they raise in this years appeal?
  3. Freda’s class had to paint signs and help set up the Mother’s Day stall at school. They began at 9:44am, and finished the set-up 1 3/4 hours later. At what time was the stall completely set up?
  4. A 150-gram jar of Vegemite costs about $3.50 in many supermarkets. But at the airport, the duty-free cost of a 900-gram jar of Vegemite is $19. Is that good value? Why or why not?


** Remember for Term 2 you need to complete at least 2 of the 4 problem solving questions, this includes showing your workings out for each question.

Sovereign Hill Excursion Reminder

Today students who have not yet paid for our Sovereign Hill Excursion were given reminder notices.

Please go onto QKR to pay and give consent for your child to attend by Monday 29th April 2019.

We will not be accepting any late payments after this date.

Grade 6 Transition Information

Today Grade 6 students received an information pack about Secondary College for 2020. All Grade 6 students are required to complete the Year 7 Application Form for 2020, nominating your preferred choice of secondary college, and return the form to their classroom teacher by Friday 17th May 2019. If you select a secondary college that is zoned and you do not reside in the boundary for that school, you will also need to send in a compassionate letter with your application form.

We will be holding a Transition Information Session on Thursday the 2nd May 2019 in the gallery at either 4.00pm or 6.00pm. We will be presenting to parents about the department process and how to complete the application form, as well as discussing the changes that the transition process may bring for both students and parents. You will also have the opportunity to speak to parents who already have children at Berwick College, Officer Secondary College and St Francis Xavier College and ask them any specific questions you may have.

We hope to see as many families as possible at either the 4.00pm or the 6.00pm session.

Grade 6 Transition To Secondary College

Transition information for Grade 6 students attending secondary college in 2020 will soon be available. Students will receive an information pack detailing the process and the application form which needs to be returned to school. We are still waiting on this information from the Department of Education, and as soon as it is available to us, we will send it out.


Grade 5/6 Sovereign Hill Excursion – Parent Helpers

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in being a parent helper for our upcoming Sovereign Hill excursion. Notices went home today with students indicating if you were chosen to attend.

If you received a note explaining that you were successful, please ignore if it was for the grade 5 or grade 6 date, as there was a mix up with the printing of notices. You will attend the day your child is going to Sovereign Hill.

Grade 6 – Wednesday the 8th May

Grade 5 – Thursday the 9th May

Sorry for the confusion.

Miss Backman