Blog Question
Define what culture means to you. What celebrations/traditions are unique in your family? Write at least half a page.

Problem Solving
There were 38 biscuits in a box. Mice came along and ate half of them. How many did they nibble?
2. Jean’s class of 25 children was having an election for Class Captain. There were 2 candidates. What is the least number of votes needed for one candidate to receive as majority of votes?
3. For a dessert recipe, Blanche’s mum bought a 2-litre container of milk. If she used five 350 ml cups of that milk in the recipe, how much milk, in millilitres, was left in the bottle?
4. The difference between two numbers is 41.79. Both numbers have 2 decimal points. What might those two numbers be? Give 3 possible answers.

Grade 6 Kickstart due on Friday

Just a reminder that the permission form for the Grade 6 Kickstart program at Berwick College is due tomorrow, Friday 31 st May 2019. Please go onto QKR to give consent, or download the permission form from Flexibuzz. We are encouraging all students in grade 6 to attend.

Thank you.

Rainbow Lunches

This week the grade 6 students are participating in the Rainbow Lunch program which is promoting healthy eating through a balanced diet. We are encouraging students to put lots of colourful fruits and vegetables in there lunch boxes.

Here are some of today’s lunchboxes.

District Cross Country

On Friday the Beaconsfield runners battled the other schools in the district along with the cold weather to win the Distict flag for cross country. Although the conditions were difficult, the kids showed resilience to come out on top.

Congratulations to the following students on finishing in the top 10 and advancing to the Division finals.

10 year old girls- Audrey (8th)

10 yo boys- Caleb (2nd), Oliver (7th), Billy (9th), Callum (10th)

11 yo girls- Ava (2nd), Zahra (3rd), Hayley (4th), Jess (5th), Piper (6th)

11 yo boys- Hayden (1st), Harry (2nd), Blake (6th), Archie (8th)

12/13 yo girls- Paige (2nd), Claire (4th), Sayla (7th)

12/13 yo boys- Kaelen (2nd), Chase (5th), Joe (6th)

Divison will be held on Monday the 3rd of June, could these students please be prompt with the notes that will go up on QKR later today.


Blog Question
Find out about your family history of where you came from and write a paragraph about your family background.

Problem Solving

  1. Last Saturday was election day in Australia. Most voting booths were open from 8am until 6pm on that day in most places. For how many hours was each booth open on that day?
  2. At one school of 682 children, there were 398 children in Years 3 and 5 who took NAPLAN tests last week. How many children in the school did NOT take NAPLAN tests last week?
  3. TV star Grant Denyer is compere of a new TV show, ‘CELEBRITY NAME GAME.” Each episode runs for 30 minutes, but takes twice that amount of time to record. The show runs each weeknight. How many hours and minutes was spent producing the show to cover the first 3 weeks’ episodes?
  4. The Salvation Army runs its Red Shield Appeal in May each year. In 2018 it raised $4.5 million, to help those in need across Australia. If they increase that donated amount by 10% in 2019, what amount will they raise?

Grade 6 Kickstart Program

Grade 6 students are invited to attend the Kickstart Program at Berwick College on Thursday 6th June 2019. This is a great opportunity for students to experience what high school is like, even if your child is not planning on attending Berwick College next year. Students will need to be dropped off at Berwick College at 9.00am and then we will walk students back to Beaconsfield Primary by approx. 11.30am.

Please go onto QKR to give permission for your child to attend by Friday 31st May 2019. There is no cost involved. We would love every grade 6 student to attend.