Regional Boys AFL payment due!

The payment on QKR for the boys Regional AFL will close tomorrow at 9:00am. Please make sure you have paid, you can always check your past receipts on QKR as well to see if you have already paid.

Also keep in mind the venue for the day is at Baxter Park.

Regional Lightning Prem Dates

Here are the following Regional Lightning Prem Dates. The teams are attached in a spreadsheet, click on the link if you are unsure if your child is in a team.

Boys AFL – 5th of August (VENUE CHANGE: It is now at Baxter Park, Barmah Court, Baxter)

Girls AFL – 7th of August (King George Oval, East Bentleigh)

Girls Netball- 8th of August (Pakenham Indoor Stadium, Cardinia Life, Private Transport required)

Girls T-Ball- 13th of August (Wilsons Rd Reserve, Wilsons Rd, Mornington, Private Transport required)

Boys T-Ball- 14th of August (Wilsons Rd Reserve, Wilsons Rd, Mornington, Private Transport required)

These events are all up on QKR. Please pay by the due date. There will be no cost for the 3 sports that require private transport, however you still need to give consent on QKR for your child to attend.

Regional Lightning Prem Teams


Grade 5/6 Camp

Today the notice will be uploaded to QKR for the grade 5/6 camp to Coolamatong which will be taking place in Term 4.

Grade 6 students will be attending on Monday the 21st October to Wednesday the 23rd October.
Grade 5 students will be attending on Wednesday the 23rd October to Friday the 25th October.

Permission to attend and a $50 deposit is required by Friday the 16th August if you wish for your child to attend. We will not be accepting any late payments. If you wish to pay the full amount of $270 at this time, you may. If you need to work out a payment plan, please contact the office before the due date.

We are also asking for expressions of interest for any parents who would like to attend camp as a helper. You must have a current Working with Children’s Check that is registered to Beaconsfield Primary School, and if selected, will need to approved by school council. Please complete the expression of interest form also on QKR by Friday the 16th August 2019.

Three Beacy teams advance to Regionals

On Friday Beaconsfield took 4 teams to compete in the division play offs at Pakenham. It was a very exciting and successful day for Beacy, which saw us receive first place flags for football, netball and t-ball and narrowly just miss out in soccer in extra extra time.

Regional dates

Football: Monday 5th August (this is now on QKR)

Netball: Thursday 8th August

T-ball: Wednesday 14th August

We understand this is quick turnaround, please contact the office if there any issues with payment.

Grade 6 Secondary School Placements

Just a reminder that students in grade 6 will be notified of which secondary college they were accepted at (public school’s only) on Wednesday the 7th August. Your child will receive a letter from us advising you of the school where they have been offered a place. If this is not your first preference, the letter will explain how you may appeal the decision.

If you have any questions regarding this, please see Kellie Backman or Hayley Dimitrakas.


Blog Question

Think about three of your favourite foods/meals that you eat that may have originated from a different country. Describe the meal, the ingredients, the taste and why it is one of your favourites. You are also required to research what city, town or country the food is from. Record this information for all 3 foods/meals in your homework book.

You are also more than welcome to cook one of the meals at home and take some photos to include in your homework.


Problem Solving Questions – you must answer at least 3 problems

  1. The Johnson family left home at 9.30am and were out for two hours. What time did they arrive home?
  2. Tom’s watch shows 4.55pm but it is 17 minutes slow. What is the real time?
  3. Kim does a 20 minute exercise routine everyday. How much time does she spend exercising in a fortnight?
  4. A race car driver completed a lap of the circuit in 3 minutes and 18 seconds. How long would it take him to complete 5 laps?
  5. Alex’s destination is 500kms away. So far he has driven for 7 hours at an average speed of 63km/h. How far does he still have to go?

Payments for sporting events

The following payments are now up on QKR. Please note, these events are only selected students. Check with your child if you are unsure.

– Hoop Time (please tick if you are a parent that can help on the day)

– Regional AFL Girls Day

– Casey Cup (this is replacing the St Margarets Cup, for those netballers selected in term 1)

– Grade 3/4 Hoop Time Coaches (for those selected students, no payment required)

Visit from the CFA

Today we were lucky to have a visit from Jason, Brett and Sam, who are volunteers for the Beaconsfield CFA. They were here to talk a bit about what they do and also promote the Beaconsfield Junior Fire Brigade program. The students were given some information about what the program involves and also got to have a look at one of the fire trucks.

If you are interested in joining the Beaconsfield Junior Fire Brigade and want to find out more information, please speak to your classroom teacher or some of the grade 6 students who are already involved in the program.