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You have just won the lottery and your prize is $1,000,000. You are going to build a fancy new mansion to live in. Rule a t-chart in your homework book. On one side of the chart, create a list of 10 essential needs you require to build your house. On the other side, create a list of 10 desirable wants you would like to build your house. Now highlight the top 3 needs and the top 3 wants you would like and underneath, explain why each is important.


Problem Solving – answer at least 3 questions

  1. A carpenter has a length of timber 860 cm long. If he cuts it in half, what will be the length of each piece?
  2. How far did Lisa swim if she swam 10 laps of the 50 metre pool?
  3. How many metres of fencing are needed to surround a rectangular yard 10 metres long and 9 metres wide?
  4. James travels a total distance of 240 km to and from work over 5 days. How far does James live from his place of work?
  5. Riley’s step is 87 cm and Violet’s step is 76 cm. How far apart will they be after 27 steps?

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  1. Hi It’s Kaine Boucher, just wondering is it needs and wants that we want within our house or wants and needs to construct our house with?

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