Christmas Stall Mania

Today the grade 6’s started busily planning the Christmas Stall which will be held later this term. Students organised groups and started brainstorming possible ideas to entertain the prep to grade 4 students. Some excellent teamwork and communication skills were used to ensure everyone was being respectful and attentive to their group members.

Regional Hoop Time All-Stars

Well done to our grade 5/6 players who competed today in the Regional Hoop Time at the State Basketball Centre. The girls finished 2nd in their pool after winning 2 games, while the boys unfortunately lost in the grand final after winning their 6 games in the pool.

It was a great achievement to make it to this level and all the students involved should be very proud. Also a special thanks to the parents for coaching and transporting the kids.


Blog Question

Using what you know and have learnt about respect and gratitude, create a poster that could be displayed around our school encouraging others to show these qualities. You may choose one or both to showcase. You will need to include an explanation of what it means, why it is important to show and ideas or strategies people could do to show the quality. It needs to be attractively presented with colour, detail and effort.


Problem Solving – you need to answer at least 4 of the questions below.

  1. The steel rod is 1 metre long. How long will it be if 15cm was sawn off?
  2. A piece of timber was 8 metres long. How long would each piece be if it was cut into quarters?
  3. What is the area of Tom’s passport photo if it is 6cm long and 4cm wide?
  4. If each car space is 6 square metres, what would be the area of 4 car spaces?
  5. How any metres of fencing are needed to surround a rectangular yard 10 metres long and 9 metres wide?
  6. How wide is the garden? There are 21 plants, each with a 50cm space between them and also 50cm space at each end of the garden.

Grade 5/6 Sport Reminders

Important Reminders for selected students

Lightning Prem Division Finals Softball and Volleyball
Tomorrow! Friday the 25th of October
Meet in the gallery no later than 8:30am to leave by 8:45am

All Stars Hoop Time Boys and Girls
Monday the 28th of October
Meet in the gallery no later than 7:45am to leave by 8:00am

T20 Cricket Blast! Money and permission is due by Monday for selected students.

All Stars Hoop Time
Lightning Prem Teams
Cricket T20 participants

Grade 6 Camp

Just a reminder for all grade 6 students who are going on camp tomorrow to be at school by 7.30am for a 8.00am departure. (Not 9.00am as FlexiBuzz stated).

Any student with medication should arrive with their parent at Miss Backman’s classroom by 7.30am.