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Complete a ‘Think – Wonder – Feel’ in your homework book about ‘CAMP’. This should be very detailed with at least 5 dot points for each section.


Problem Solving – As it is now term 4, you need to complete 4 of the problem solving questions.

  1. How many pieces of fruit does Noah have if he bought 16 bananas, 12 apples and 14 pears?
  2. Of the 84 passengers on the flight, 68 were adults. How many children were on the flight?
  3. The leader of the hiking party bought 6 torches to take on the hike. If each torch was $9, how much did he spend?
  4. Charlie grows melons on his farm and packs them into cases of 6. How many cases will he use to pack 72 melons?
  5. Over the weekend, 1594 people attended the art show. If 609 people attended on the Saturday, how many people attended on the Sunday?
  6. A farmer produced 10,616 litres of grape juice in January, 10,002 in February, 15, 316 in March and 14,606 in April. How many 10 litre containers are required to store the juice?

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