Essential Assessment – My Numeracy

How to log onto Essential Assessment and access My Numeracy at home: Students have their own username and passwords for Essential Assessment. I have listed an example below and included the link to follow. The ‘School Code’ is Beaconsfield PS.

School Code: Beaconsfield PS
Username: dim0006
Password: 21/01/06

Grade 6 Maths Challenge

Today our Grade 6’s investigated who had the tallest grade 6 class. After measuring themselves, converting their heights to centimetres and working out the total cm’s of each grade, they then worked out the average height of each grade and the average height of a grade 6 student. Much to everyone’s surprise, it turns out I am taller then the average grade 6 student by a huge 4.9cms!

Grade 5s showing their gratitude

The Grade 5’s wrote for a particular purpose today: to brighten someone’s day.

Given the circumstances in our community at the moment the recipients of these thoughtful messages will be the Woolies employees, residents in a nursing home and also healthcare workers.


Both the GRIP House Captain Leadership Day (Tuesday 17th March) and HALOGEN Leadership Day (Friday 20th March) have been postponed by both companies until further notice. The venue, Melbourne Convention Centre, is owned by the Victorian Government who, minutes ago, advised us that they have closed the venue for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lightning Prem

Well done to all the students who competed in the District Lightning Prem today. Beaconsfield impressed, as usual, with their sportsmanship and encouragement.

A special congratulations to the Girls basketball (won in a nail biter) and Boys softball who made it through to Division. A decision will be made on the cricket at a later date, as the Beaconsfield vs Pakenham Springs grand final was not played.

Thank you to the parents and teachers who helped coach and score for the day.


Homework Expectations – 100 minutes of reading, all parts of the inquiry question and at least 2 of the problem-solving questions.

Inquiry Question
In your homework book, make a list of chores and responsibilities you have in your household. Why do you think it is important for kids to have household chores? Write about this under your list of chores.

Problem Solving

  1. How much did Xavier spend over the long weekend if he spent $50 on Saturday, $80 on Sunday and $50 on Monday?
  2. Three ropes each measuring 78 metres were joined together. What was the length of the new piece of rope?
  3. Craig spends 20 minutes each night of a school week on his homework. How many hours and minutes does this amount to?
  4. Elise is filling 5 litre containers with detergent. How many containers can she fill using a drum containing 45 litres?
  5. If 29,777 was multiplied by 10, would the product be closer to 300,000 or 30,000?
  6. One number is missing in Emma’s pattern of square numbers. Her numbers are 25, 36, ___, 64, 81. What number is missing?