Homework Expectations –  100 minutes of reading, all parts of the inquiry question and at least 2 of the problem solving questions.

Inquiry Question
Play a game with your family (this could be a board game, a game outside, cards, hangman etc.). In your homework book, write a paragraph about why inclusion is important. Record how you feel when you are included in groups and team and record how you would feel if you were excluded.

Problem Solving
1. Maths starts at 10:25 and lasts for 45 minutes. At what time does Maths finish?
2. It takes Jason 10 minutes to read one page of his book. He has 6 pages left of his book. How long will it take Jason to finish his book?
3. The driveway in front of the brown house was 35 metres long and the driveway in front of the red house is 7 metres long. Which house had the longer driveway and by how much?
4. There are two trees in a park. The taller tree is 6 metres and 80 centimetres. The shorter tree is 60 centimetres shorter than half the height of the taller tree. What is the height of the shorter tree?
5. 45cms of ribbon is needed for wrapping each present. How many presents can be wrapped with 9 metres of ribbon?
6. Norah bought 2 bottles of water, each with a capacity of 500mls. After Norah and her sister drank ‘x’ amount of water from the bottles, they have a total of 340ml of water left. Find the value of ‘x’.