Science Blog Question

This week’s tasks are:

Organise and analyse your data

Create a chart or graph of your data.

Analyse your data to see if your hypothesis was true or false.

Summarise your findings.

Presentation in class

Collect all your information ready to present in class. You can present on a poster, in a science log book or powerpoint (we will be doing the good copy of this in class).

Grade 6 Graduation Photo

Just to let you know, the group photo of all grade 6 students which will be on the graduation certificates, will be taken on Tuesday next week, the 21st November.

All grade 6 students will need to wear their grade 6 uniform.

Volleyball Champions!

Today the grade 5/6 boys volleyball team competed at the regional finals at Springer’s Leisure Centre. It was a tough-fought, knock out competition, where the boys showed fantastic sportsmanship and team work skills. The boys will now compete at the State Championships next week. Special thanks to Shelley and Lisa for coaching and transporting the students.

Science Blog Question

This week’s tasks are:

Develop a hypothesis

Make a prediction about what will happen.

Remember a good hypothesis will have 2 parts –
*An explanation of what you think will happen
*Why you think that will happen

You must state your hypothesis in a way that you can easily measure.

For example:

Warm diet coke will cause the bigger fountain because it is not as close to freezing point and there is more room for the mentos to react with the carbonated bubbles.


Design and perform an experiment to test your hypothesis.

Experiments will have variables which will need to be identified. Control your experiment by changing only one factor at a time.

Write your experiment as a procedure. Identify your variables. Record your observations.

Walk to School

Even though the official Walk to School October campaign is over, you can still be active and join us every Friday morning for Walk to School (weather permitting)! Tomorrow is forecast to be a beautiful sunny morning, so why not join us at 8:30am at O’Neil Road and start your day with some exercise!

Science Blog Question

Over the new few weeks you will be required to conduct a scientific experiment. Each week for homework you will be given the steps required to help keep you on task. These will be presented in class at the end of the projects so make sure you follow the steps provided on this blog each week. You will be assessed using the Change Project Rubric so click on that link to give youself an idea of what you are looking for. Good luck!

This week you are required to:

Choose a problem

Choose an experiment that you can conduct at home.

State the problem as a question using one of the following:
How, what, when, which, where, why

Remember in order to answer your question it must be about something you can measure, preferably a number.

If you are stuck you can refer back to the ideas brainstormed in class or visit:

Research your problem

Conduct background research about your experiment.

You might look at
– the chemical formulas of your ingredients.
– similar experiments
– topic related research

Remember to write your research in a scientific manner, using facts!