Homework Next Week

For next week’s homework there will be no blog question to complete, however you are still required to earn a mathletics certificate and complete your normal allotment of reading time (100 mins grade 5, 150 mins grade 6). Have a nice weekend!

Athletics Champions!

On Friday, 70 grade 3-6 students headed out to Casey Fields to compete the in District Athletics carnival. All students who attended put in a terrific effort representing the school and at the end of the day we finished up being the top school in the District! Congratulations to everyone who competed and good luck to all the students moving onto Division in a couple of weeks time.

Homework Question

Research a famous inventor and write a brief biography in your homework book. The inventor can be someone of your choice and should include the following subheadings:

• Introduction – birth, age, where they were born, family etc.
• Famous inventions- this can be one paragraph per invention.
• Developments of their inventions over time
• Any other interesting facts.
• Labelled diagrams (if possible)

You should include lots of detail in your biography, as this information will be required for the following week’s homework task.

Information for Grade 6 Families – Graduation

We would like to let you know at this early stage, some information in regards to Grade 6 Graduation at the end of the year. Due to an increase in student numbers in grade 6 this year, there has been some changes to the date and venue for graduation. The Beaconsfield Baptist Church can longer accommodate all families, and rather than restricting guest numbers even smaller, we feel that a new venue will allow families to bring all of their immediate family as guests. After much deliberation and taking into account availability and costs, this year our graduation ceremony will take place at Upper Beaconsfield Primary School. Their large gymnasium with full size stage and sound/visual equipment will be a fantastic venue to celebrate our grade six student achievements.

The date for graduation has also been changed to Wednesday 19th December 2018. This is due to the availability at Upper Beaconsfield Primary School. The grade six graduation excursion will now take place on Thursday 20th December. More information about this will be given next term.