Grade 6 Transition Information

Thank you to all grade 6 parents for completing their Year 7 Applications by the due date.

For students who have applied for a government school, you will be advised on Wednesday the 8th August, of which school your child has been accepted into. Due to department regulations, I cannot inform you of your chosen secondary college before this date.

Please remember, if you would like to change your preferences at any time between now and the end of the year, you will need to come and speak to me and complete another Year 7 Application form.

Kellie Backman

Homework Question

Your task this week is to create a flyer for yourself if you were running for parliament. You will need to include a respectable photo/drawing of yourself, a slogan for your campaign and your party’s logo. You need to present your work on an A4 piece of paper or full page in your homework book, and it must be clear, neat and presentable.

Homework Question

Ask your parents what roles or responsibilities they had as a child. How did they feel about it at the time, and what do they think about it now? Record your work in your homework book.

Grade 6 Application for Year 7 2019 Forms – Important, Please Read

Just a reminder to all grade 6 families, that the Application to Year 7 for 2019 Forms are due to Miss Backman by this Friday the 11th May. Every child in grade 6 needs to have a form completed and handed in by this due date. If you are applying for a school in which you are out of zone/area, please ensure a letter addressed to that school outlining why you would like your child to attend there, is also handed in with the form.

Please Note – Miss Backman will write the VSN number on each form if parents do not know it, just leave it blank. Please do not call the office to obtain it.

Homework Question

Make a list of 5 school or home rules, the consequences if the rules are not followed, and why you think the rule was created. Is there a rule you particularly agree or disagree with? Why? Record your work in your homework book.