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Complete a ‘Think – Wonder – Feel’ in your homework book about ‘CAMP’. This should be very detailed with at least 5 dot points for each section.


Problem Solving – As it is now term 4, you need to complete 4 of the problem solving questions.

  1. How many pieces of fruit does Noah have if he bought 16 bananas, 12 apples and 14 pears?
  2. Of the 84 passengers on the flight, 68 were adults. How many children were on the flight?
  3. The leader of the hiking party bought 6 torches to take on the hike. If each torch was $9, how much did he spend?
  4. Charlie grows melons on his farm and packs them into cases of 6. How many cases will he use to pack 72 melons?
  5. Over the weekend, 1594 people attended the art show. If 609 people attended on the Saturday, how many people attended on the Sunday?
  6. A farmer produced 10,616 litres of grape juice in January, 10,002 in February, 15, 316 in March and 14,606 in April. How many 10 litre containers are required to store the juice?

Sport Reminders

Here are the dates and teams for the up and coming sporting events. Please log on to QKR to see event information, sign consent and make any payments if required.

Monday 14th October (QKR has closed for this event)
Hoop Time Future Stars
Private transport, departing school at 8:30am

Friday 25th October
Lightning Prem Divisional Finals (Boys softball and volleyball)
Private transport, departing school at 8:30am

Monday 28th October
Hoop Time All Stars
Private transport, departing school at 8:00am

Please see below, if your unsure if your child is involved. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to transport students for those days.

Future Stars Hoop Time

Lightning Prem Teams

Copy of All Stars Hoop Time

Students vs Teacher/Parent Footy Match

For those parents who are competing in the football match tomorrow. We are aiming to start the match at 1:00pm. So if we could meet in the grade 5 rooms (portables next to the oval) at 12:40 to discuss game plans and strategies. The oval is still a tad muddy, so it would be a good idea to wear football boots if you have some, otherwise runners are fine. The match will consist of two 25 minute halves against two teams of students.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow in their sports colours!

Hoop Time Future Stars

The note and payment is now available on QKR for those students attending the Future Stars Hoop Time.
The teams are attached for those students involved, please see QKR for the venue information and date.
We will require parents to assist in transporting the kids on the day, so please fill out the forms to make us aware of how you child will be transported.

Future Stars Hoop Time

Camp Payment & Forms

Just a reminder that any remaining payment towards 5/6 camp, as well as the medical, code of conduct and dietary forms (if required), are due this Friday the 13th September. Please ensure all money and forms are handed in by this date. Thank you.


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Your teacher has put you in charge of organising the end of term class party. You need to consider where this will take place, what food/drink will be available and what games/activities you might play. In your homework book, create a t-chart with the headings ‘Goods’ and ‘Services’. List the goods you would need to purchase and the services you need to hire for your party. E.g. Pizza would go under the ‘Goods’ heading and the delivery of the pizza would go under the ‘Services’ heading. Now create an invitation to invite your classmates to the party. Ensure it is presented attractively.


Problem Solving – answer at least 3 of the questions.

  1. The shoe sizes on the top shelf were 3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2, 5 and 5 1/2. What would be the sizes of the next three pairs of shoes?
  2. When Felix divided the bag of coffee beans into 6 kg bags, he ended up with 8 bags. How much was there to start with?
  3. What number am I thinking of? I am a 2-digit number. If you double me and subtract 8, the answer is 16.
  4. For every two cups of tea sold at the shop, 5 cups of coffee were sold. How many coffees were sold if 35 hot drinks were sold?
  5. Water began leaking from the tap at a rate of 30ml per hour for 3 hours and then it increased to 50ml per hour until it was fixed. How much water leaked from the tap between 8am and 2pm?