Ay Ay! Captains Sailing Away ⛵️

Yesterday our captains of the school took the CHIPS bus to Lysterfield Lake to participate in a fun day of activities with Captain Eric and the other CHIPS volunteers.

The day consisted of some sailing out in the lake, followed by a bike ride and some fun games at the end.

Our leaders were very grateful for the opportunity to take part in the day and learnt a lot about sailing, leadership and the connection between Indigenous Australians and the land.

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Grade 6 Maths

For the last couple of weeks the grade 6 students have been learning about money, in particular add up different values of money and working out change.

This activity required the students to work in pairs to buy some equipment for there camping trip.


Blog Question

After our fantastic Digital Technologies Incursion on Thursday, reflect on the day and what we did. Create a reflection page that addresses the following questions:

  • What activity did you enjoy the most? Why?
  • What was something that was challenging? Why?
  • What new information or skills did you learn?
  • What are you confident with now that you could teach someone else about?
  • What is something you would like to learn more about? Why?

You can present this information anyway you like, but it must be detailed, attractive and display a personal best effort.


Problem Solving – answer at least 4 questions.

  1. A jockey whose mass is 54.5 kilograms has to weigh 48 kilograms to race. How much weight does he have to lose?
  2. If a loaf of bread weighs 675 grams, what would be the mass of a tray of 10 loaves?
  3. Four kilograms of homemade muesli was poured into 5 jars. How many grams were in each jar?
  4. Sue’s mass was 68 kilograms at home but 65.4 kilograms on the scales at the gym. What was the difference between the two measurements?
  5. A car’s mass when loaded was 1.354 tonnes. When empty it is 500 kg lighter. What is the car’s mass when empty?
  6. What is the average mass of the indoor soccer team if their individual masses are 81 kg, 64 kg, 38 kg, 95 kg and 42 kg?

Grade 6 Graduation Photo and Whole School Photo

Next week on Monday the 11th November, we will be having the graduation photo taken at 9.00am. All grade 6 students need to be here on time in correct school uniform, otherwise they will miss out on having their photo on the graduation certificate.

The whole school photo will follow after the graduation photo is taken.

Grade 6 Scrapbooking

Just a reminder to all grade 6 students that your scrapbooking resources that you should have been collecting and purchasing, need to be brought to school on Monday the 11th November as we will be starting in class.

Thank you.

Grade 5OS hard at work

Last week in 5OS we’ve been working on our T-shirt designs for the Grade 6 shirts next year. We also made it our goal to bump up our writing by improving our sentence fluency. Talia’s wonderfully detailed simple, compound and complex sentences are an example of our hard work.

InInvestigations we have started planning our activities for the Christmas Stall and we cooled off at the end of the week with icy poles courtesy of one of our lovely parents!



Blog Question

‘The Race that stops the nation’ (The Melbourne Cup) will be held on Tuesday. For your blog question this week, research and record the last 10 winners of the Melbourne cup (2009 to 2018) and what time they completed the race in. Now calculate the order from first to tenth that they would have finished if they had raced against each other. Present your order either as a graph, a timeline or pictorially.

Problem Solving – answer at least 4 of the questions below.

  1. What was my change from $20 if I bought a clock for $13.50?
  2. Noah has a job after school, for which he is paid $4.50 per hour. If he works for 3 hours, how much will he be paid?
  3. What is the price per litre if the 4 litre bottle of milk costs $6.60?
  4. A nursery sells pot plants for $9.25 each. If Lucas bought 7, how much did he spend?
  5. Felicity saves $120 a week. How much will she save in a year?
  6. Share $375 so that Ryan receives twice as much as Matthew.

Christmas Stall Mania

Today the grade 6’s started busily planning the Christmas Stall which will be held later this term. Students organised groups and started brainstorming possible ideas to entertain the prep to grade 4 students. Some excellent teamwork and communication skills were used to ensure everyone was being respectful and attentive to their group members.