Classroom Blogging FAQs

Who writes the blog posts?

The Grade 5/6 teachers are the only ones who can publish posts on this blog. The teachers write the posts and the students, parents and other people are able to comment. Later in the year, students may be chosen to write guest posts on the class blog. These will be checked by teachers before they are published.

Who can comment?

Anyone can comment, however all comments are moderated. The prep teachers receive an email every time a comment is submitted. They can choose to publish, edit or delete the comment.

How can parents and family members be involved?

We LOVE receiving comments on our class blog from parents and family members. Comment as often as you like! Your comment will always be read and appreciated. Evidence shows a strong correlation between parents’ interest in their child’s schooling and the child’s success at school. Blogging is a great way for parents to be involved in their child’s education.