Grade 6 Homework

Homework requires Grade 6 students to complete 100 minutes of reading, the weekly inquiry question, as well as complete at least 2 Maths Problem Solving questions from the blog. Please complete all your homework in your homework book. Remember to rule up your page and to take pride in your homework presentation. We are more then happy for you to present your homework in a creative way, this could include as a poster, pamphlet, on the computer and printed off into your homework book etc. Have fun 🙂

20 thoughts on “Grade 6 Homework

  1. It’s just on the main blog page Sabrina, not in the grade 6 homework section. If you just go to the normal blog page it should be at the very top.

  2. Hi Mr O’Shea,
    It’s Thursday & I completely forgot my homework book that is at school, can I write it in another book & bring to school tomorrow?
    From Dakota

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