Homework Question

If you were the Prime Minister of a new country, what are the top 10 laws you would create? These need to be sensible and should ensure that your society runs smoothly. Record these in your homework book.

Kickstarting their Future!

Grade 6’s had their Kickstart Program at Berwick Secondary College yesterday where they got the chance to participate in a high school class and learn a few things about what high school might be like. Here’s a few pics from yesterday:

Division Cross Country

The sun was shining and so were our Beacy Runners. Everyone that participated gave it their best and showed excellent attitude and determination. Well done to all our runners and an extra congratulations to all those who finished in the top 10 and will move onto to Regionals later in the term.

Sayla- 14th                                     Caleb- 10th
Rhylee- 2nd                                   Kaelan- 10th
Shayla- 5th                                    Hayden- injured
Kayla- 1st                                       Kade- 15th
Paige- 4th                                      Blake- 7th
Zahra- 10th                                   Mason- 8th
Jordy- 9th                                     Mitch- 14th
Jess- 7th
Caitlyn- 8th
Abby- 4th
Claire- 3rd
Kiera- 17th



Homework Question

Is there a law in Australia that you particularly disagree with? If not, ask your parents what law they would like changed. Write what the law is, why you/your parents disagree and what you would propose as a replacement law.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!

Kickstart form reminder

Just a reminder for grade 6 students that your Kickstart forms for our Berwick Secondary College visit are due this Thursday (31/5). There is no payment required so please make sure the form is handed in on time. Thank you

Welcome Brad Battin

Today we welcomed a visit from Mr Brad Battin MP, our local member for Gembrook. He spoke to the grade 5/6’s about his role in state parliament, learnt more about the 3 levels of government as well as how bills are passed in both chambers of parliament. Thanks to Brad for coming out and chatting to us and answering many intriguing questions from the students.