Grade 6 to Year 7 Orientation Day

For students attending a public high school next year, your Orientation Day will be this Tuesday the 12th December. Students are not required to attend Beaconsfield Primary School on this day.
Please see the below information for Berwick College and Officer Secondary College for Orientation Day.

Berwick College
Students are to arrive at Berwick College at 8.45am and meet outside the Leisure Centre. If might be a good idea to organise to meet some friends in a specific location as parents are encouraged to drop students off and not hang around till after the bell. Students are to wear their grade 6 primary school uniform and bring a pencil case and paper for the day. The day will finish at 3.15pm but staff will start bringing students down to the bus stop area at around 3.00pm to ease congestion.

Officer Secondary College
At 8:40am, parents will need to drop off students at the school’s entrance on Parker St. There is a big gate which will be open and students can walk through to the amphitheater. We will then move them into our Gym for an assembly. Students will need to bring a small backpack, water bottle, snack, lunch (if not ordered at our Canteen) and their school hat. Students are to wear their grade 6 primary school uniform.
Please note; the College café will not be open for over the counter service on the day. Students must bring their own food if they have not placed a lunch order.
At 2:50pm, there will be an assembly in the Gym. Students will be permitted to leave by their chosen method at 3:10pm. Anyone catching the train will be escorted to the station by an OSC staff member. Parents will be able to collect from the Gym as well.

Private Schools
If your child is attending a private school next year, you will need to refer to the information they have provided you with, for their dates and information regarding their Orientation Day.
On Tuesday the 12th December, there will be no grade 6 classes running at Beaconsfield Primary School due to Orientation Day for public schools. If you choose to send your child to school on this day, they will spend the day in a grade 5 classroom.

Big Bash Excursion

Hi guys, here is all the information required for our Big Bash excursion tomorrow:

– Be at school by 8am – we will not wait for more than 5 minutes for anyone who is late.
– You need to bring your own bag with fruit, snack, lunch and a drink in it. No money is to be brought.
– You need to bring your school hat (your teacher will remind you in the morning).
– It would be a good idea to bring some sunscreen along.
– No devices are to be brought along.
– You must be in full school uniform. If you would like to wear a scarf, cape, accessories, etc of one of the teams playing that is okay.
– No sports equipment eg. cricket bats/balls.

Looking forward to a great day!

HPV Update

The Human Powered Vehicle teams are into Day 3 of the RACV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough. They are having a fantastic time here with over 100 other schools.

The two teams, Ironman and Storm, had to present about the safety, design and construction of their vehicles and passed with flying colours. Then they completed an obstacle race and time trial. Ironman came first and Storm came 2nd.

Today they are getting ready for their 8 hour endurance race. Good luck team!

Graduation Bear Final Reminder

Grade 6 students who have not ordered a graduation bear for signing, need to bring their form and payment by tomorrow, Friday 24th November.
No late payments will be accepted and your child will not have a bear to sign and be displayed at graduation.