Camp Payment & Forms

Just a reminder that any remaining payment towards 5/6 camp, as well as the medical, code of conduct and dietary forms (if required), are due this Friday the 13th September. Please ensure all money and forms are handed in by this date. Thank you.


Blog Question

Your teacher has put you in charge of organising the end of term class party. You need to consider where this will take place, what food/drink will be available and what games/activities you might play. In your homework book, create a t-chart with the headings ‘Goods’ and ‘Services’. List the goods you would need to purchase and the services you need to hire for your party. E.g. Pizza would go under the ‘Goods’ heading and the delivery of the pizza would go under the ‘Services’ heading. Now create an invitation to invite your classmates to the party. Ensure it is presented attractively.


Problem Solving – answer at least 3 of the questions.

  1. The shoe sizes on the top shelf were 3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2, 5 and 5 1/2. What would be the sizes of the next three pairs of shoes?
  2. When Felix divided the bag of coffee beans into 6 kg bags, he ended up with 8 bags. How much was there to start with?
  3. What number am I thinking of? I am a 2-digit number. If you double me and subtract 8, the answer is 16.
  4. For every two cups of tea sold at the shop, 5 cups of coffee were sold. How many coffees were sold if 35 hot drinks were sold?
  5. Water began leaking from the tap at a rate of 30ml per hour for 3 hours and then it increased to 50ml per hour until it was fixed. How much water leaked from the tap between 8am and 2pm?


Blog Question

Mr Methven has entrusted you to design and oversee the building of a go-kart track that will run around the outside of the oval. You are required to draw your design in your homework book and then list what resources you will need to construct it. You must categorize your resources under the headings, ‘Natural Resources’, ‘Capital Resources’ and ‘Human Resources’.


Problem Solving – you must complete at least 3 questions.

  1. Ella’s reading book has 28 pages. Every fourth page has a picture. How many pages have pictures?
  2. For every dollar Tim earns, his dad gives him 50 cents. How much will his dad give him if he earns $20?
  3. In Year 5, there are twice as many girls as boys. How many children are in Year 5 altogether if there are 22 boys?
  4. Every 10 kms there is a signpost showing the distance to Kombo. How many signs would there be along a 340 km road?
  5. When Peter was 5 years old he got $2 pocket money per week. When he turned six, it went up to $4 per week and when he turned seven it went up to $6 per week. How much pocket money per week does he receive now that he is 15?

Grade 6 Swimming Certificates

Today your child will receive a certificate for their participation in the swimming program that occurred at the start of this term.

If your child was able to confidently perform a variety of skills and knowledge around swimming and water safety, they have been awarded the Victorian Water Safety Certificate.

If your child was unable to confidently perform one or more of the skills, they will receive a participation certificate, which indicates the area/s they need to work on. They will also receive a letter from Paul Sadler Swimland with a $50 discount as a special offer on their programs.

District Athletics Success

Well done to all our Beacy Athletes who competed at the District Athletics Carnival at the surprisingly warm, Casey Fields.

We had many outstanding individual efforts and great results in the relays which lead to us winning the flag for the day!

Even more impressive were the comments made from parents and other spectators about how well behaved and sensible our students were.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, especially those who have qualified to the Divisional Athletics Day to be held on the 18th of September.


Blog Question

You have just won the lottery and your prize is $1,000,000. You are going to build a fancy new mansion to live in. Rule a t-chart in your homework book. On one side of the chart, create a list of 10 essential needs you require to build your house. On the other side, create a list of 10 desirable wants you would like to build your house. Now highlight the top 3 needs and the top 3 wants you would like and underneath, explain why each is important.


Problem Solving – answer at least 3 questions

  1. A carpenter has a length of timber 860 cm long. If he cuts it in half, what will be the length of each piece?
  2. How far did Lisa swim if she swam 10 laps of the 50 metre pool?
  3. How many metres of fencing are needed to surround a rectangular yard 10 metres long and 9 metres wide?
  4. James travels a total distance of 240 km to and from work over 5 days. How far does James live from his place of work?
  5. Riley’s step is 87 cm and Violet’s step is 76 cm. How far apart will they be after 27 steps?

Beacy’s Spelling Bees 🐝

Well done to Caitlyn, Ivy, Zahra and Jamie on their participation and effort in the district VicSpell competition on Thursday. These four students won the school spelling bee to qualify for this competition. They all handled themselves with poise and confidence under immense pressure.


Blog Question
Next week is Book Week and we will be celebrating this by having our annual dress up day. For your task this week, draw a detailed diagram of the character you have chosen to dress up as (if you plan on not dressing up L, think of a character from a favourite book to draw a diagram of). You also need to write a paragraph about who they are as a character, what qualities they have and why you decided to dress up or choose them.

Problem Solving – you must answer at least 3 questions at your level.
1.       A packet of biscuits weighs 250 grams. How much would 2 packets of biscuits weigh?
2.       The 300 gram chocolate bar has 10 equal pieces. How much does each separate piece weigh?
3.       A fish and chip shop uses 40kg of potatoes each day. How many kilograms would they use in a week?
4.       Tom wanted to weigh his dog. First he weighed himself which was 79kg. Then he stood on the scales with his dog and recorded their weight as 108kg. How much did the dog weigh?
5.       If you were to land on the moon, your weight would be 1/6 of what it is on Earth. What would be the mass of a 78kg astronaut if he was on the moon?