Grade 5/6 Camp Medication

As camp is approaching, it’s time to think about if your child requires medication to bring on camp.

If you listed on your child’s medical form that your child takes medication, you will need to bring this on the morning of camp to the medication teacher (Grade 6 – Miss Backman in 6B’s classroom and Grade 5 – Mrs Humphries in 5HB’s classroom). Parents will need to accompany their child and sign the medication over to the teacher. All medication should be in its original packaging.

If your child requires medication that was not listed on the medical form (i.e. hay fever tablets, bus sick tablets), you will need to bring this medication in its original packaging to the medication teacher as well. Parents will be required to fill out a Medical Authority Form when handing over the medication. Please be prompt at 7.15am, so that you do not hold up the departure time.

Any student who has asthma, will need to complete a School Camp Asthma Update Form which will be given to students the day before camp. Students and parents are required to check in their child’s asthma puffer on the morning of leaving camp as well, so the medication teacher knows the child has it. We will then give it back to the child to look after if they wish.

Thank you.