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Using the letters of the alphabet A – Z, try to find a country for each letter. Example A – Australia. There may be some letters that you won’t be able to find a country for, let us know which ones these are too.

Problem Solving
1. A ‘new’ vegetable has been created called CAULINI. It is a hybrid (a mixture) of cauliflower and broccolini. How many letters is ‘cauliflower and broccolini’ are NOT in CAULINI?

2. One supermarket has a special offer this week on pork chops. They have reduced the usual price of the chops from $16 per kilogram, by $4 per kilogram. What is their special price per kilogram for the chops?

3. How much rent does a Bunnings store pay per week? Have a guess! Then do a calculation: a new Bunnings store opening in Queensland ACTUALLY pays $880,000 per year to rent the “big box” store. How much is that per month? How much per week? How good was your guess?

4.  A very special CHESS PIECE from the Viking era is being put on sale at an auction. The expected price range is somewhere between $670,000 and $1.26 million. What is the MIDPOINT of that range? And what is the RANGE of possible prices?

Last homework for the Term, YAY!

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